CTK '17 - 2016 WPIAL Class 4-A Players to Watch

Some of the Top Returning 4-A WPIAL Players in 2017
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Countdown to Kickoff 2017 continues with a six-day look at some of the top high school football talent in the WPIAL for this upcoming season. As always, this list just scratches the surface. We ask for your help in building a complete rundown of candidates. You can nominate a top player by clicking on NOMINATE TOP PLAYERS and submitting their name. Here is a look at some of the players to watch this 2017 campaign in Class 4-A.



Drew Saxton – South Fayette

Kavon Morman - Montour

Running Backs:

Joey Koroly – Trinity

Garrett Reinke – Mars

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends:

Ronnie Stevenson - Montour

Noah Plack – South Fayette

Offensive Linemen:

Devin Danielson – Thomas Jefferson

Dominic Serapiglia - Thomas Jefferson

Blake Zubovic – Belle Vernon

Anthony Grieco – Mars


Cameron Guess - Belle Vernon


Defensive Linemen:

Devin Danielson – Thomas Jefferson

Noah Palmer – Thomas Jefferson

Ray Eldridge - South Fayette

Gerald Brown – West Mifflin


Noah Plack – South Fayette

Anthony Grieco – Mars

Defensive Backs:

Logan Phrogner – Belle Vernon

Marcus Hooker – New Castle


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