CTK '17 - New WPIAL Football Coaches

24 New WPIAL Football Coaches for 2017
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New Faces - New Places - New Hopes - New Dreams. There are six more coaching changes this off-season then before the 2016 campaign. There are a lot of rookie head coaches getting their first crack, some coaches who are just changing hats and addresses and one who has gone back to the future. Whatever the case, there are 24 coaching changes coming into this 2017 season. Here are the new football coaches that will be running the sidelines in the WPIAL this fall.


PENN HILLS - Jon LeDonne replaces John Peterman

SENECA VALLEY - Ron Butschle replaces Dave Vestal

SHALER - Jim Ryan replaces Jon LeDonne



BALDWIN - Loran Cooley replaces Pete Wagner

CHARTIERS VALLEY - Dan Knause replaces Niel Loebig

CONNELLSVILLE - Marko Thomas replaces Tim Karpiak

KISKI AREA - Sam Albert replaces Dave Heavner

WOODLAND HILLS - Tim Bostard replaces George Novak



ALBERT GALLATIN - Shawn Liotta replaces Joe Embacher

HIGHLANDS - Domenick Girardi replaces Sam Albert

KNOCH - Frank Whalen replaces Mike King

UNIONTOWN - Cedric Lloyd replaces John Fortugna



BEAVER FALLS - Nick Nardone replaces Ryan Matsook

ELLWOOD CITY - Nick Hand replaces Don Phillips

MOUNT PLEASANT - Jason Fazekas replaces Bo Ruffner

QUAKER VALLEY - Jerry Veshio replaces John Tortorea

SHADY SIDE ACADEMY - Chuck DiNardo replaces Dave Havern



BROWNSVILLE - William Maczko replaces Jason House

CARDINAL WUERL NORTH CATHOLIC - Pat O'Shea replaces Jason Gildon

SERRA CATHOLIC - Jose Regus replaces Tony St. Angelo

SOUTH ALLEGHENY - Mike Crown replaces Pat Monroe



GREENSBURG CENTRAL CATHOLIC - Aaron Smetanka replaces Dan Mahoney

MONESSEN - Mikey Blainefield replaces Joey Salvino

SPRINGDALE - Seth Napierkowski replaces Dave Leasure

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